To make money in the hospitality business there are only two choices; go big or go small, you either run it yourself or invest in competent management.


Development Solutions

Preparing to open a hotel is the first step to making your dreams come true.

This process can be difficult and taxing. The key is to have all the pieces of the puzzle, proper planning, timing and a comprehensive understanding process.


Asset Management

With an increasingly competitive environment and rapidly changing trends resulting in uncertain economic landscapes, it is critical to maximising hospitality assets.

Jefferson can provide a wide range of services designed to maximise profitability while minimizing risk. We customise our services to your specific goals, needs, and assets.

From corporate-level strategic analysis and planning to operational reviews of individual properties, we ensure that your asset continues to appreciate and profit.


Operational Control

The daily pressures of running a hotel often make it difficult for management to step back and look at the big picture.

It is then necessary to seek an evaluation and analysis of their business, whether it is a review and audit of the maintenance processes, a review and audit of the S&M strategy, or even the entire operation.

Jefferson brings decades of hands-on experience in the hospitality industry. We developed a method for evaluating hotel management inefficiently and in a time to improve profitability and ensure overall continued success field of application.


Sales & Management Support

Sales and marketing in the hospitality industry are the areas that typically have very high turnover due to the high pressure of goals and tasks. This is primarily because hotel growth rates have not matched the growth of experienced and skilled S&M support staff.

Aside from the hit-or-miss rate, the S&M function for any hotel is typically the fuel that allows any hotel to pay its bills and turn profits, so this LiveBean support service of S&M assumes even greater significance.


Investment Services

For established and start-up businesses, fundraising is critical to their success and growth. Jefferson Investment Advisory works closely with business owners and boards to help them maximise the value of their assets while minimising risk. Whether you want to raise money or make an investment decision, the possibilities are many and varied. Jefferson ensures the most appropriate options are executed with the right valuations to unlock the best potential of the trading ecosystem. What sets us apart from traditional transaction advisory firms is that we are not a team of financial advisors. We are a team of operational leaders who have built and successfully closed companies. Together, we turn great ideas and compelling assets into commercially viable businesses.

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